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BEILI 42Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set B42/B42T+With Holder

BEILI 42Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set B42/B42T+With Holder

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42PCS BEILI Black/Silver Professional Makeup Brush Set Cosmetic Brush Kit Foundation Brush Blush Brush Natural Synthetic Hair

Soft, gentle and hypoallergenic
Can't decide whether to use makeup brushes with natural or synthetic hair?
Worry no more, BEILI has come up with the best solution - a blend of high quality synthetic and natural bristles.
With the BEILI Natural and Synthetic Brush Set, you not only get the ultra-softness and superb powder-grabbing power of natural bristles, but also the smoothness of synthetic bristles for everyday eye makeup. The bristles are gentle, high-density and hypoallergenic, also ideal for sensitive skin.

Handle Material: Wood

Bristle material: natural goat hair + high quality synthetic bristles

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