Question & Answer

1. What should I do when I receive a BEILI product?

Please check carefully whether the products you received is same as what your purchase. If you receive a wrong product, damaged product, or partial shipment of your order, please immediately contact our customer agent to obtain after-sales support. We apologize for the inconvenience to you in case anything happens like this.


2. What should I do when there is a quality problem of the product?

Whether you use BEILI products first time, you will face the following condition: there will be some fiber loss or slightly color fading when you first time wash the makeup brushes. This is normal phenomenon. However, if the situation continues during the subsequent use, please contact our after-sales customer service. BEILI provides you up to 6 months quality inssurance.


3. How can I get more information about BEILI products?

We can follow BEILI Instagram ID: beili official and Facebook ID: Liu Fang to get the latest product information and promotional information.


Brush Cleaning


Brush cleaning step:

Synthetic hair is easy to clean. professional brushes need professional cleaning.

1.All your brushes need a deep and intense cleaning on a regular basis.

2.Brushes for cream and liquid products such as ,foundation or concealer should be spot cleaned more often in order to keep them sanitized and free from bacteria.

3.The ideal cleanser to remove any bacteria are alcohol based formulas.



a.Brush cleaning water ( below 40℃) , and not exceed 3/4 of the brush head.

b.Reshape and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule.

c.Please do not put brush handle in the water to avoid brush broken.

Care insturctions

1 Wet the bristles with lukewarm water

2 Place a drop of makeup brush cleaner

3 Swirl brush in the water and gently massage the bristles

4 Rinse with clean water and carefully squeeze the water out

5 Reshape and let it dry upside down

6 Please avoid touching the water directly with the wooden handle or bamboo handle during the whole cleaning prosess.


About feedback or sharing

We welcome and appreciate your kind feedback of any suggestion or comment on BEILI products. we would like to do our best to improve and bring better products.

If you are very satisfied with our products, you can share to more makeup lovers by video or blog on the Internet or any other social media platforms. We are happy to offer you a free gift in your next order if you do the sharing.

Of course, if your share get high views or you already have a lot of fans on your blog or social media accounts, you can also contact us through email: info@beilimakeup.com. We are happy to offer you free samples or trial of new products.