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4Quick Makeup Tips for an Instant Face Lift

1. Pull eyeliner outward from your eyes
If one of your makeup goals is to enhance the contours of the upper part of your face, then eyeliner is a gift that keeps on giving. But the trick is knowing how to use this tool in the best way possible." Diaz says, "You can lift your eyes by applying eyeliner." Start at the tear ducts and draw thin lines along the lash line. As you approach the middle of your eye, start drawing a little thicker line slightly upward. This will also make your eyes look wider and bigger. This can be done with eyeliner powder, eyeliner pencil, eyeliner gel, or liquid eyeliner.

2. Draped Blush
We've gotten used to applying blush all over our cheeks, which is the youngest way to apply blush because it gives the cheeks more definition and the face a more defined shape. There is a better way, instead of applying blush on the apples of your cheeks, you can use a technique called blush draping (applying blush along the top of your cheekbones, which elongates your face and makes it look more defined).

3. Smudge contouring makeup upwards
If you choose to contour your face, it's recommended to smudge upwards after applying makeup to instantly brighten your complexion.

4. Heat up your eyelash curler and use waterproof mascara
There is a useful tip for those who curl their lashes or want to start curling their lashes. This tip will make your eyes pop and shift the focus to your lashes rather than any unwanted fine lines or wrinkles. To use waterproof mascara is necessary and always heat your eyelash curler before using it to get a flawless look.

Taking this small step will not only keep your lashes curled longer, but it will also reduce the chances of them transferring to your skin. However, you should wait for your lashes to cool slightly before applying mascara, otherwise it will heat up the product and cause the mascara to become less sticky.

Using a hair dryer will quickly heat up a metal eyelash curler, which will give your lashes a 'curling iron' effect, which will be even more dramatic when you apply waterproof mascara.

Overall, it's also wise to avoid some of the most common makeup mistakes if your goal is to look fresh. Apply eyeliner to the upper part of your eyelids (rather than the lower waterline, which pulls your face downward), choose a light foundation that won't bleed into your pores, avoid eye shadow colors that are too dark, and don't aggravate your skin with overly drying powders. Avoiding mistakes and a less-is-more approach to makeup can make you look instantly refreshed.

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